Compositions: Instrumental


Aria on a Chaconne for Symphonic Band

Genre: Instrumental

Southern Music Company

Score and Parts: S771


Cycle of Peace

I. Choir - Grant Us Peace
Text: Hebrew Prayer

II. Interlude - Prayer for Peace
(Handbells alone)

III. Choir - Fierce the Force that Curled Cain's Fist
Text: Thomas Troeger

IV. Trio - And God Said
Text: Joel Martinson from various scriptures

V. Choir - Weary of All Trumpeting
Text: Martin Franzmann

VI. Interlude - Vision of Peace
(Handbells and Violin)

VII. Choir - O Day of Peace
Text: Carl P. Daw, Jr.

Genres: Choral, Instrumental

SATB Choir, SB Soloists, Handbells (3 Octaves), and Violin

Available from the composer


Fantasy on "Twas in the Moon of Wintertime"

Genre: Instrumental

Oboe, English Horn, and Organ

Available from the composer

Festival Intrada

Processional for Anne

Organ Solo with optional Trumpet

A trumpet tune out of the David N. Johnson tradition, complete with fanfare and enough musical material to bear repetition in processions for all festival occasions. If you are tired of the 18th-century wedding marches, give this a look! See Postlude for a Festival Day for the companion piece to this work.


Grant Us Peace – An Essay for SATB Choir & Cello

Text: English translation of ancient Hebrew Prayer with verses from Isaiah

Genres: Choral, Instrumental

SATB Choir and Cello

Available from the composer



Genre: Instrumental

Harp and Organ or Harp and String Orchestra

Lyra Music Company

Available editions:
Harp and Organ
Harp Part
String Parts


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